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The best technology umbrellas are generally thought to be those from Fujian and Hunan provinces in china, with a good reputation for its delicate craftsmanship and vivid pattern. Their bamboo frames are treated against mould and worms. The paper covers are hand-painted with flowers, birds, figures and landscapes and then coated with oil so that they are not only practical but also pretty and durable.

Though it is only a small paper umbrella like other arts, the producing craft is without any carelessness. Take Fuzhou paper umbrella for example. The rib must be made of five-year-old bamboo produced in northern Fujian Province to make it have strong tenacity and elasticity, and possess mould resistance, antiseptic property and resistance to insects by special manufacturing.

These artfully created paper parasols were intended for everyday use in China before manufacturing was the source of all things personal. They've recently enjoyed a revival both in China and in the West and are appreciated both aesthetically and for the skill applied in making them by hand. The Paper is waxed and carefully attached to a spiral network of wood.

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