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We mainly supply playing cards,customized playing cards,casino playing cards,promotional playing cards,poker sets,gambling playing cards,Jumbo Index playing cards,custom-printed playing cards,custom Inprinted playing cards,automatic claying cards shufflers,spainish playing cards.

The main product specifications as follows:
1) Advertising cards and Bridge cards with single/twin/four packing,
card size: 8.7x5.7cm
2) Mini cards, size: 3.7x6cm 3.7x5.7cm 4x5.7cm
3) Big size cards, size: 8.8x6.3cm 8.7x6.2cm
4) Spanish 40/50 cards, size: 9.5x6.2cm 8.7x5.7cm
5) German 55/54/32 cards, size: 9x5.7cm 8.7x5.7cm 9.1x5.9cm
6) French 78/54/32/44 cards, size: 11.3x6cm 8.7x5.7cm 8.6x5.6cm
7) Italian cards (Siciliane/Napoletane cards),
size: 8.3x5.2cm 9.4x5.1cm
8) Russian 54/36 cards, size: 9x5.7cm 8.7x5.7cm
9) Jumbo cards, size: 13x8.5cm 14.2x8.55cm
10) Plastic cards with single/twin packing,
size: 8.7x5.7cm 8.7x6.2cm 9.5x6.2cm
The packing: paper box/plastic box/tin box/polypropylene bag/blister packing
The paper weight: 240/250/260/280/300/340gsm
(We also accept sample order)
11)Dice size:0.9x0.9cm 1.2x1.2cm 1.5x1.5cm 2.3x2.3cm
12)Chip size and weight:2.5cm/3.8cm/4cm 4g/8g/11.5g/12g.
15)Domino size:2.7x1.8x0.3cm 4.9x2.9x0.8cm
(We also accept sample order)

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