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A lenticular is a printed image that shows depth or motion as your viewing angle changes.Remember that winking eye you got in the Cracker Jack box? Yes, that was an early example of lenticular printing. And although you likely couldn't stop staring as you flipped it back and forth, the technology has advanced tremendously.
Three-dimensional (3D) printings are widely used in many areas, such as the lenticular greeting cards, postcards, picture albums, handbags, product package (the package and anti-counterfeit sign of Cigarette, Wine, Cosmetic, CD bag and other high-grade goods), advertising gifts (ad cups, ad fans, ad caps, ad coasters, mousepads), tourist industry ( tourist souvenir painting, crafts, entrance tickets). Actually our 3D printing products can replace the traditional paper printing images completely in all areaes.
Lenticulars can be used effectively for:
Lenticular Mousepads
Lenticular Stickers
Lenticular Keychains
Lenticular Loyalty Cards
Lenticular Magnets
Lenticular Buttons
Lenticular Luggage Tags
Lenticular Beverage Mats
Lenticular Notebooks
Lenticular Bookmarks
Lenticular Trading Cards ... and more
Any other application you can think of!

Lenticular Business Cards 1 Lenticular Business Cards 2

Lenticular Cup Mats 1 Lenticular Cup Mats 2

Lenticular Cup Mats 3 Lenticular Cup Mats 3

Lenticular Badges & Pins 1 Lenticular Badges & Pins 2

Lenticular POP 1 Lenticular POP 2

Lenticular Rules 1 Lenticular Rules 2

Lenticular Stickers 1 Lenticular Stickers 2

Lenticular Bookmarks 1 Lenticular Bookmarks 2

Lenticular Notebooks 1

Lenticular Bags 1

Lenticular Calendar Lenticular Box

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