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Lenticulars are flat images that give the effect of motion or action when moved side to side. The most common reaction from a person viewing a lenticular product is one of enthusiasm and enjoyment.
The most basic is 2 flip that involves just two different pictures – the magical views changing ruler as what we could see when we were a child. Nowadays, it is practical to combine 12 or over different images together and create the morphing effect of man being changed to tiger, company’s logo changing in size from small to big and big to small, and effects just like short movie clip of animation.

Lenticular MousePads 1 Lenticular MousePads 2

Lenticular MousePad 3 Lenticular MousePad 4

Lenticular MousePads 5 Lenticular MousePads 6

Lenticular MousePads 7 Lenticular MousePads 8

Lenticular MousePads 9 Lenticular MousePads 10

China Lenticular MousePads,Custom imprinted Lenticular MousePads Custom imprinted promotional products at wholesale prices !
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