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Your Photos, Logos, Business Cards, Calendars, Recipes, "Save the Date" Wedding Favours can be turned into 3D Promotional. We are able to print almost anything on to a 3D Promotional.You may send your image as a Jpeg, EPS or PDF file, in an email attachment.
Lenticular images are digital files that have been specially prepared and then printed onto a lens material. This material is a special plastic made up of lenticules, hence the name lenticular printing. The image, viewed through the lenticules, appears to move as it is turned creating dramatic animation or depth.

NO.:3D Lenticular Cups 1

Packing: 47*35*48 cm capacity:600ml qty:300pcs/ctn


NO.:3D Lenticular Cups 5

Packing:55cm*37cm*54cm qty:288pcs/ctn capacity:420ml

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