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1, lifting the automatic function. The function has been running for the business multifunctional machine monopolized. A 3750 and the emergence of this monopoly is bound to the days when. In their own familiar indoor running, feeling no longer Plains. consumers according to their actual needs or immediate plan to change the training slope; Intelligent lifting the function, make a smooth gradient change, consumers can not only ensure the smooth running of excessive state, and will not lead to the excessive motor movements stretching for motor work more stable, more efficient, longer life.

2, super shock absorber system. Painstaking research, the human design is the 3750 A Series home run machine upgrades, shock absorbers treadmill which is a major attraction! 3750A has a more flexible shock absorbers, 8 rubber shock absorbers (four on each side) scientific placed to provide consumers with the best comfort : Running under the foot plate is the most soft, push away from running plate is the most solid. This ergonomic the shock absorbers of the domestic intelligence treadmill only one.

3, super high-density MDF material treadmill. 3750A similar to the SHU treadmill intelligent selection of the harsh tradition as treadmills were important activities -- jogging with using the leading high-density MDF material, Let treadmill more durable; Meanwhile, treadmill exercise leniency makes more from the space constraint, it pleases, and portrayed Arizona ...

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