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Business Card Magnets have long been a favorite way of advertising for small businesses and organizations, because the practical function of our business card magnets make them an inexpensive, long-term and powerful Marketing Tool. Many people keep our custom magnets in their kitchens or on their file cabinets for years, using them as a convenient way to retrieve your information quickly for themselves and also for others. Some people even keep our unique personalized magnets as collectibles, or simply use them to hold up their children’s report cards on the refrigerator.

What can business card marketing do for you? Learn how to use business cards to spearhead your marketing efforts, how to market with unique business cards such as magnetic and folded cards, why free business cards aren't for the serious business owner and much more.
Are you a small business that advertises in the phone book? If so, try marketing with these magnetic business cards to make your services more accessible.



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