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Flash Fans 1
Net weight : 22KG
Gross weight : 23KG
Product Size : 11*5*6CM
Packing size : 58.5*49*35CM
Quantity : 300PCS/Box
1. Installed on three AA batteries opened after the power switch, and then press and hold the confirmation button programming, and so there is a flicker of the fan-like programming to choose their own symbols to be available into characters.
    2. Separate characters to choose a good program after confirmation by clicking keys, the first character will be stabilized at the fan-like, at this time flashing programming symbols will jump to the second grid, and then we can continue into the second character, ... (if we are into space character, bond consecutive double-click programming can be confirmed)
3. Order for the flash of their own words to press and hold the programming content after confirmation button until the fan-like programming on the flashing symbol is no longer shining
May. The fan-like cycle will be shown at this time has made good pages.
    4. Would like to rewrite the words flash content, remove the battery Reload after power switch can be opened.

Flash Fans 2
Net weight : 17KG
Gross weight : 19KG
Product Size : 11*3.5*5.1CM
Packing size : 58.5*49*35CM
Quantity : 300PCS/Box
Flash fans, handle can be printed LOGO, and put three on the 7th battery. Flashing lights at 32 kinds of changes in design. With a lanyard for wearing, wholesale custom, all welcome.

Flash Fans 3
Net weight : 15KG
Gross weight : 16KG
Product Size : 8.5*7*6.2CM
Packing size : 58.5*49*35CM
Quantity : 168PCS/Box

Flash Fans 4
Net weight : 17KG
Gross weight : 19KG
Product Size : 11*3.5*5.1CM
Packing size : 58.5*49*35CM
Quantity : 300PCS/Box
Products attractive, compact, modeling chic, lively and interesting, stylish design, strong wind, and can??multicolored light. As tourism, shopping, student hostels or home. Portability with two on the 5th batteries can be used.

Flash Fans 5
Net weight : 13KG
Gross weight : 15KG
Product Size : 11*3.5*5.1CM
Packing size : 48.5*47.8*30CM
Quantity : 240PCS/Box
Products can be customized fonts by client contributions can also be printed in the post-stalk LOGO

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