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The lighting of traditional car instrument dial plate was using the ray of small bulb to reflect to the gauge. It
not only waste lot of power but the effect of radiation wasn’t very symmetrical, specially when the bulb was
damaged that have to change the bulb usually. That was very inconvenient. Not only delay events but waste money, however EL(Electro luminescent) car instrument dial plate can solve the problem that you will don’t need to change the bulb.(The life of EL(Electro luminescent) car instrument dial plate is you can drive at least a million kilometer at night). EL(Electro luminescent) car instrument dial plate using engineering science of human body and according to theory of vision to designing light blue and green, so your eyes will don’t feel tired

when you watch the instrument a long time. The color and lightness of EL(Electro luminescent) instrument can adjust from everyone’s wish, that will fulfil the appetency of every driver. All in all, to install EL(Electro luminescent) instrument in car will become everyone’s desire and the necessary direction of automobile industry.

The main usage:

Instrument dial plate panel. Indoor Lighting of car. Caution light of car door. vehicle decoration. Car number.
Stop lamp of third. Light adornment. Urgent stop sign of trigon. Line of car door. Taxi sign. Circuitry sign of
bus, etc.

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