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The cover girl on the mirror is the four belles of ancient chinese. They are:Xishi,Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan ,Yang Guifei
In Chinese culture, there are four famous beautiful woman of China.They are thought to be the most beautiful and significant woman of China's ancient history.
Although the stories about these woman are based on fact, they are also steeped in legend.These woman have remained famous through history because of the drastic effects on the emperors, kings, and kingdoms with whom they were bound.
Some of the beauties brought kingdoms and dynasties to their knees.Most of the beauties had lives that ended in tragedy or mystery.The legend and history of these woman has inspired Chinese artists for generations to create paintings that depict these four famous beauties of ancient China.

Diaochan Xishi
China Mirrors 1 China Mirrors 2

Diaochan Xishi
China Mirror 3 China Mirror 4

Diaochan Xishi
China Mirror 5 China Mirror 6

Xishi Yang Guifei
China Mirrors 7 China Mirrors 8

Wang Zhaojun Wang Zhaojun
China Mirrors 9 China Mirrors 10

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