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Promotional Products Catalog--Laser Stickers 1
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Laser stickers:
1) Various shapes,sizes and designs are available
2) Pressure sensitive (tamper evident) laser sticker
3) Pattern released hologram label
4) Hologram label with running numbers
5) Glossy hologram sticker
6) Flip-flop hologram
7) True color hologram
8) Combination of holograms
9) E-beam hidden text (image) and mole hidden text in hologram

Laser Stickers 1 Laser Sticker 2

Laser Stickers 3 Laser Stickers 4

Laser Sticker 5 Laser Sticker 6

Laser Sticker 7 Laser Sticker 8

Laser Stickers 9 Laser Stickers 10

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