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Apparel Accessories


  1. Silk Screen Print 2c on Canvas and Wood Tag
  2. Offset Print 3c on Kraft Paper Hangtag and Midfold
  3. Paper & Canvas Hang Tags
  4. Silver Paper on 450GSM 2/S Paper Hangtags
  5. Personalized Canvas Hang Tags
  6. Unique Silkscreen Hang Tags for Clothes
  7. Cotton String Hang Tag
  8. Craft Paper Hangtag with Spot UV Varnishing and Cotton String
  9. 2C Silkscreen Printed Hand Tag with Die Cut on Fabric and Hit Hole for Cotton String
  10. Hand Tag with 4C Silkscreen Printing on Canvas
  11. Canvas Hang Tags with 2C Silkscreen Printing
  12. Black PE Patch Hand Tags with 1C Silkscreen Printing and Embossed in Special Form
  13. Hand Tag with 2C Silkscreen Printing on Plastic Patch
  14. Hand Tag with 2C Print
  15. 2C Print Hang Tag with Hole
  16. Promotional Hang Tags