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Promotional Products Catalog-->Flying Banner Flags 1

The largest selection of flag banners on our website. From lightweight teardrop shaped flying banners to the portable flagpoles for all your event promotion scenarios. All these outdoor ready systems are suited to the rigors of outdoor life. The fabric banner flags are very lightweight and provide superb branding opportunities with single or double sided options. Welcome to contact us for your customized sizes.


Name: Flying Feather Banners 2
Item No.: TBTE15FCBS1
Size(cm): 2.65m
Material: Aluminium,Canvas,Steel
Printing Graphic Size: 1.9*0.6m
Net Wt./PC: 3.7
Qty/CTN(pcs): 5
GW/CTN(kg): 22
Ctn Size(mm): 52*22*104
Volume/CTN: 0.120


Name: Flying Feather Banners 3
Item No.: TBTE15FCBM
Size(cm): 4.8m
Material: Aluminium,Canvas,Steel
Printing Graphic Size: 3.8*0.75m
Net Wt./PC: 5.7
Qty/CTN(pcs): 5
GW/CTN(kg): 32.5
Ctn Size(mm): 52*22*125
Volume/CTN: 0.143


Name: Flying Feather Banners 4
Item No.: TBTE15FCBL2
Size(cm): 6m
Material: Aluminium,Steel
Printing Graphic Size: 4.8*0.6m
Net Wt./PC: 6
Qty/CTN(pcs): 5
GW/CTN(kg): 34.0
Ctn Size(mm): 52*22*145
Volume/CTN: 0.166



Name: Flying Feather Banners 5
Item No.: TBTE15FCBL1
Size(cm): 5m
Material: Aluminium,Steel
Printing Graphic Size: 4.1*0.9m
Net Wt./PC: 5.8
Qty/CTN(pcs): 5
GW/CTN(kg): 33.0
Ctn Size(mm): 52*22*125
Volume/CTN: 0.143





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